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Why the Crazy Event Lady was started…

The Crazy Event Lady blog began so that I could share my experience in the event world with others. Everyday there are new events being produced throughout the world while recurring events grow and attract new attendees.

Innovations happen all the time, but overall, event basics remain the same. It is my desire to create a fun space to inspire both the professional and the novice, by providing a thriving community to discuss the challenges and celebrate the wins.

Events are exciting, fun, and definitely crazy! Events are my passion! I’m eager to engage enthusiastically and dialogue with you about all things events! After 25 years of being in the event industry, I find myself seeing everything in terms of events. Really, when you think about it, what in life isn’t an event?

Who is it for…what it’s about…what can you expect?

This blog is for those who are involved with creating, planning, or managing events. Everyone from volunteers, committee members, churches, non-profits, small businesses, to DIY social events, and wedding planners will find a fun place to learn new ideas, ask questions, or simply get advice.

It’s a place to share event ideas and strategies for any type of event at any stage during the event…beginning, middle, or end. You can expect to see lots of event variety, ranging from simple, low budget experiences to large complex productions.

From small social occasions to large corporate conferences with exhibit spaces. Ideas will abound from all types of events, allowing you to pick and choose what resonates best with your needs. Be open to exploring, imagining, and creating some extraordinary events!

The Crazy Event Lady loves events! Please join me as we embark on this incredible event journey together!

Happy Eventing!


Crazy Event Lady

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